The Marcus Robotic Institute will provide the robot materials, computers and software to be used during the workshops. Professional development hours are available for teachers. Lunch is not provided, but there are many local restaurants. We have a refrigerator and microwave available for those that wish to bring lunch. 

Space is limited and registration is required, Registrations will generally be available on a first-come first serve basis,

Monday, June 20th
Morning - Intro to FTC and Robot Construction

  • Introduction to FTC and Season overiew
  • Basic components of the rev Robotics kit
  • Key robot mechanical principles
  • Hands-on build of a simple competition robot

Afternoon -- Beginning Programming for FTC

  • Introduction of REV Robotics Control System.
  • OnBot Java programming environment
  • Basic gamepad programming for navigation
  • Arm and servo programming
  • Touch Sensor

Tuesday, June 21th
Morning - Intermediate Programming

  • FTC competition: robot game, awards
  • Portfolios / engineering notebooks
  • Other building systems, materials, and tools
  • Autonomous mode programming
  • Motor encoders

Afternoon -- Programming and building for success

  • IGame, robot design, and alliance strategies
  • (un)successful robot designs and devices
  • PRinciples of leverage, gears, center of gravity
  • Color sensing
  • Gyro/IMU sensors
  • Driver Automation