X League

The X-League is a 32 team "Metro" league that holds all of it's events at Roboplex. Located just north of  DFW there are some great reasons to consider joining the X-League even if you might have to drive a distance.  

To register for the X-League -- Send an email to LCherryholmes@firstinspires.org and cc: McCluskeyC@lisd.net. Include your Team Number, Team Name, Coaches Name and Coaches Email, and if you have a specific preference for mornings, afternoons or no-preference. Typically only coaches would be sending this email.  Here are a few reasons why you should send that email today.

  • Twice as Many Teams -- The X-League is comprised of 32 teams instead of just 16. This means a wider variety of competitors and alliance partners for the your team to work with.  Unlike regular leagues, your team will go into your league tournament with no surprise teams competing against you.

  • Held at the Roboplex -- We think it's the nicest permanent FTC Robot arena in North Texas. (actually, it's the only one)  Once you attend an event here, you will want to book your space every year. Need more roboplex info? hotels, click here

  • Morning and Afternoon Events -- We process 16 teams in the morning shift, and 16 different teams in the afternoon shift.  Teams that select either morning or afternoon will get randomized into morning of afternoon shifts for each of the three different league meets. This should ensure you get to meet and play with the widest variety of teams. If you like, you can request mornings only or afternoons only. This will limit the variety of of teams you will play against. If you have to travel a long way to get here,  afternoons only allows you to not have to get on the road before the sun is up. Mornings only ensures your afternoons will be free.

  • Calendar is already set -- No mystery here, our X-League schedule is already published. An additional bonus is X-League dates will never collide with All-region scrimmages should you decide that you need even more robot competitions this year.  
          Saturday, November 19 -- X League Meet One [Roboplex]
          Saturday, December 3 -- X League Meet Two [Roboplex]
          Saturday, January 14-- X League Meet Three [Roboplex]
          Saturday, February 4 -- X League Tournament [Roboplex]
          Saturday February 11 --- East Super Qualifier [Hedrick Super Qualifier]
          Saturday February 25 -- NTX Regional Championships [Marcus]

  • Minimal Team Volunteer Requirements -- All referees are provided. For X-League meets there are no volunteer requirements from your team. And because our events are held at the Roboplex,  there is no requirement to help set-up or break-down the venue. All you need to do is focus on your team and your robot. Each team is still expected to provide a trained volunteer for the league tournament, super-qualifier, and regional championships.

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